Definisi, Jenis, Format dan Contoh Invitation Letter

Invitaion letter akan menjadi topik bahasan kita kali ini. Kita akan mengulas definisi, jenis, format dan contoh invitation letter.

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Baiklah kita mulai ulasan invitation letter dalam ini.

Definisi, Jenis, Format dan Contoh Invitation Letter

Definisi Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter is a type of letter composing to an organisation or an individual for their presence or participation in an occasion or an event.

Jenis Invitation Letter

There are two types of invitation letter, here they are;
Invitation letter regarding to official requirement is called as ‘Official Invitation Letter’, while the letter which addresses to personal requirement is well known as ‘Personal Invitation Letter’.

Format Official Invitaion Letter

Format official invitation letter is usually underlying by certain formats which are required as an official rules or etiquette.

Below is the Format of Official Invitation Letter;

- Letter Head
- No. of Letter and Date
- Recipient Name
- Recipient Address
- Reference or Subject
- Salution for Recipient
- Body (1,2,3 Paragraphs or more)
- Clossing (Signature, Name, Designation)

In contrary, Personal Invitation Letter is usually written like an informal letter. The reason why personal invitation letter doesn’t follow a conventional format is because it can mould the format based upon the writer's preferences.

Below is the format of Personal Invitation Letter;

- Reference or Subject
- Body
- Clossing

Note: When you write personal invitation letter you can modify your letter based on your style.

For your information, the nature of an invitation letter seems like request letter. Then, it sounds have persuading tone and is sometimes referred as persuasive letter especially when the goal is to ensure a hundred percent attendance.

Invitation letters are an ideal alternative to conventional invitations, especially when you are not satisfied with the readymade one's and when you want to budget them. 

Additionally, invitation letters allow the host to convey additional information that is not shared in traditional invitation cards. Here, you have the liberty to share memories of past events with close friends and family members.

Contoh Official Invitation Letter

Dusun Merah Jambu RT.01/05 Desa Indah Sari Kecamatan Pamekasan Kabupaten Pamekasan, Jawa Timur.
Telp. 02161 567812 - Fax 0260 555522 e-mail :


                                              No : 007/letter/SMI/VIII/2019
                                              Date : January, 28rd 2019

To : University of Singapore

University of Singapore
123 Canvas St., Norton Village
Pandora City, Singapore
Tel. No.: 7896781-78
Fax No.: 1234567/7891234
Up : Protocol and Consular Section

Dear Sir or madam

We would like to ask from your office to issue our multiple Re-Entry Bussiness Food for Prof. Daniel Manu, Ph.D of Padang Food Company.

We invite him as QS (Quality Control) to our factory, PT Suka Makmur Indonesia in Pamekasan-Indonesia, who will conduct our  product inspection and ensure all the best that is quality product starting on March, 17th 2019 until May, 15th 2019.

For your information as considerable we have been doing business with Padang Food Company and it is related business partners almost 7 years and that we need regular visit from their QC for final inspection of their orders in our company.

We hope your institution grant.


General Manager

Contoh Personal Invitation Letter

Definisi, Jenis, Format dan Contoh Invitation Letter

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