3 Contoh Personal Letter

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3 Contoh Personal Letter

Baiklah,  langsung saja.  Berikut 3 contoh personal letter yang bisa kalian pelajari;

Contoh Personal Letter 1

Wana Segara Street
80361 Badung, Bali

30 January 2019

Dear Thalita,


How are you, honey? I hope you are not disappointed with me because I am writing to you after a log time. I have to say sorry, please forgive me, sweety. You know we are in Bali now. It was so beautiful island beyond my expectation. I am writing this letter from beautiful restaurant on Kuta Beach. I am sitting on the corner of this restaurant. I look so many people here around the world. As you know, my mother really loves traveling, so we go to some places here. I took a slice of paper on my bag to write a letter for you while we enjoy our lunch.

By the way, yesterday I went to tanah Lot and Taman Budaya Garuda  Wisnu. Tanah Lot has a unique Pura which is located in the midle of the sea. Here, you will find complete supporting means. Beside, Taman Budaya Garuda  Wisnu has also beautiful scene with its Garuda's statue, lotus pon and indraloka garden. We spent a much time there. That was unforgettable experience. I wish we were here next time, so it would be more fun.

My mother was making sure that we did not miss a single place of this island, so we had practically been all destinations.

I have to go. We will continue our journey. I will see you later.




P.S. I’m bringing you back a souvenir!

Contoh Personal Letter 2

01 Kowel Jaya Street
69317 Pamekasan

30 January 2019

Hi Wiwin,

How was your day? I hope you fine there. I am writing this from the cutest little stall in Kowel village, Pamekasan! I feel like I’m in home!

Dad has been making sure we didn’t miss one sight in this huge village, so we’ve been walking practically all day. So far we have seen Kowel Garden, The Batik center, and Central souvenir (15 August market). Kowel Garden has some guardhouses for its visitor. It also has a pool in the middle of garden. This garden nice enough I think, because you'll find several food traders in the east. You can buy juice, snack and some others there. I look every visitors fell happy having a snack in this garden.

Moreover, I caught a glimpse of craftsman while he was making Batik in his production place. But, we are going to observe it properly tomorrow. In the central souvenir, we found kinds of metal craft. People here call those craft as Celurit. I was afraid when visiting this place because all things that offered in this market need your careful. You need to know that Celurit is sharp metal craft which shaped like alphabet C. Cool but cruel also.

I need to go to the other place, we have finished our rest in the stall. Miss you times a million, see you back in Pademawu.


Your Friend,



P.S I’m bringing you back a handicraft!

Contoh Personal Letter 3
11 Bantarsari
46151 East Java

30 January 2019

Dear Soleh,                                                        

Hello brother, how is going? hopefully good, I have learned a letter that the teacher gave to me. After that, there is something wrong understanding the structure of that letter.

I received a letter from my teacher, then I have to compose five personal letters. As I said before, I am still confuse about the structure of this type letter. I intend to send this letter to invite you to be able to learn together about it. I know you are master of English writing. So, I hope you can accompany me to conduct this letter at my house on Sunday at 09:00.

Do not be late, brother.


Your friend



Naah, itulah ketiga contoh personal letter yang bisa kalian pelajari dengan mudah. Semoga bermanfaat buat kalian yang ingin belajar personal letter.

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