Parts of an Essay

Tolongtangtugas- There is an essential question for writing. This question comes from the students I met in my daily activity. The question is "How to develop our writing skills, such as writing an essay or something related to the written activity? What is your answer about this?

Parts of an Essay

Answering this sentence seems like easy, but it needs an approval on the writing. It takes time from the writers making their best product using their knowledge and understanding of a topic in response to a certain task.

When the writer starts making the written product, he/she automatically tries to engage the language skills in order to make effective communication. Moreover, people who are interested in writing carry the critical thinking to fill and elaborate their writing to presenting valueable material reading. For those who want to learn and start making written product, for example an essay. I want to share parts of an essay you should determine on your  writing further. But, before we start to discuss about these parts, we need to remember what is an essay itself. So, what is an essay ?

Definition of an Essay ?

Essay is a short piece of writing reflecting someone side of the argument or personal experiences. It means that an essay is composition of writing made by the writer which is captured himself. So, if you write an essay you must deliver your personal opinion, supporting with evidence you collected before compose your essay.

Parts of an Essay

Basically, an essay covers three main parts, those are introduction, main body and conclusion. Keep reading for these explanation below to ensure your understanding.

1. Introduction  
The introduction is addressed in the first paragraph. Sometimes it is one of the most difficult aspects of writing an essay. Because you need to provide brief information on what exactly you attack. Beside, the importance of the topic you will offer the reader must be planned well on your essay. 

You can enrich your introduction with general statement to specific, fact, quote, and the question consisting 4-6 sentences. Be sure you put the thesis statement at the end of your introduction. What is thesis statement? It is what we call as a sentence that represent of the whole assay briefly.

2. Main Body  
Start your body essay with main idea. How? just go back to your plan and check what main idea/thesis statement you need to cover and the order you are going to put them in.

Below is the path for building your body essay;

  • Take the issue already highlighted in your introduction 
  • Have a clear topic sentence/thesis statement which address on an issue already highlighted in your introduction
  • Improve the topic of the paragraph through analysis, criticism and discussion
  • Make reference to evidence and examples that support and illustrate the points you have discussed
  • Complete the paragraph by connecting it to the next. 

3. Conclusion  
This is the final part of your essay. Then, you need to show that your essay has achieved something and this can be done by returning directly to the essay question. You can use phrases like "To conclude...' or In conclusion..." to restate your discussion or argument, using one sentence to sum up each paragraph in the essay. 

Your conclusion will like below:  

  • Consist with one paragraph of 5-6 lines
  • Sum up main points in essay 
  • Look back to question and offer an answer or tell why you are unable to touch a definite decision 
  • Do not include new material 
  • Be sure your logical summing up is what has been analyzed and discussed on your essay.

Accordingly, we know that the essay consist with 3 main parts, the introduction, body and conclusion. Start making an essay is not difficult when you follow the rules on its compositions.

Just write what you have on your mind. Note that your writing will answer particular topic and offer a path solution of a certain problem. So simple like that. Do it now!

Read also another article on this site such as simple present tense, and noun to support your writing process.

Enjoy your writing.

Source: Harper Adam University Paper, Guide to Essay Writing 2018/19, with some addition.

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  1. This article is helpful for writing an essay. I require this guideline to write my essay.

    1. Thank you for your compliment. I hope you can easier making your essay through this this article.


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